​​Brainpeace in Eindhoven implements neurofeedback and coaching to support your healing with complaints that may trouble you, and further developing your personal growth by strengthening your innate brain functioning. Dynamical neurofeedback is a training that can help the brain to reach its optimal functioning in a large variety of instances, such as reaching for your true potential, improved focus, peak performance, confidence, or moving away from stress, burn-out, attention problems, worry, depression, trauma, trouble sleeping and other undesirable states. This is combined with customized coaching when you need assistance in your training, with respect to your life situation. Our main focus at Brainpeace is not only great results, but also cultivating a warm and friendly environment where you can easily let go and enjoy your experience.

Training at Brainpeace

Dynamical neurofeedback is a safe and natural technology that helps to organize your brain, restoring balance and helping you to function more effectively. ​​Neurofeedback training can greatly strengthen the brain's natural resilience and flexibility, which are critical for the diminishment of a lot of complaints, while feeling calmer, clearer, happier, and able to function better in life.

After personally experiencing the vast potential of dynamical neurofeedback, it was subsequently enjoyed by friends and colleagues also interested in healing and personal growth , and this motivated the creation of Brainpeace. Someone once said, "The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed", which is how we felt about neurofeedback when we saw the transformation it can facilitate.​

A flexible and resilient brain

Dynamical neurofeedback has been shown in research studies over the years. An extensive independent survey  reports that t raining commonly results in better focus, stress management, life enjoyment and general well-being, performance, relaxation, confidence, sleep, and much more. S ignificant improvements have been shown for cases of anxiety, worry, anger, fear, sadness, depression, and many other life situations (such as fibromyalgia,  ADD, PTSD, trauma, autism).​​ Neurofeedback has helped countless people experience the life we all deserve.
​​Neurofeedback is a safe investement to one's wellbeing, since currently there seem to be no alternative brain training methods as effective and as powerful. In striving for a better life, the majority of people who train with neurofeedback  discover that it helped them in their journey in many different and often profound ways, and I wish to offer everyone the opportunity to find out as well.​​

- Nick Kontaras, neurofeedback trainer
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