What is NeurOptimal®?

​NeurOptimal is a tool that helps organize your brain, restoring balance and helping you function more effectively. It is natural, powerful, and non-invasive. 

NeurOptimal is in some ways similar to holding up a mirror to your brain: Imagine you had not seen yourself in a mirror in a long time. Once you see your reflection you naturally start adjusting yourself, maybe standing a little taller, straightening up your hair and so on. The mirror provides the information you need to correct and adjust yourself. And so it is with the brain.

How does it work?

The brain has an inherent ability to self-correct when given the right information and NeurOptimal is designed to provide the brain with the information it needs to make its own adjustments. Inconsistency, or abrupt changes in electrical activity in the brain, undermines optimal functioning of the brain. NeurOptimal detects these abrupt changes and informs the brain of these sudden shifts through interruptions in the sound you are listening to. These almost imperceptible pauses invite your central nervous system to pull away from this less-than-ideal path it was on. This happens over and over until the natural self-correction becomes your new normal and your brain functions more efficiently, effectively and comfortably. When this happens, you sleep better, are less stressed, can focus more easily and feel the joy of an easier life, despite the challenges you may face from the outside.

Where can it be used?

Since NeurOptimal facilitates whole-brain optimization, it enriches every life experience and purpose. It has been commonly used for:

  • Wellness enhancement
  • Stress reduction
  • Academic and job enhancement
  • Athletic and sports training
  • Optimizing your intelligence with improved brain function
  • Preparation for testing: improved focus, attention and retention, reduction of test anxiety
  • As part of an anti-aging program
  • Enhancing creativity and awareness
  • Personal and spiritual development in individual and group settings
  • Enriching partner, family and work relationships
  • Group training in retreat settings​

​Although training with NeurOptimal often results in experiencing relief and treatment-like effects, it is not a cure or treatment, but training for resilience and flexibility for the brain.

​​Results experienced when training with Neuroptimal®.

​​Optimising peak performance.

​Chronic insomnia.

​Depression and anxiety.

​​Traumatic brain injury.

​​Alzheimer's disease.

​​Imaginative expression in the performing arts.

Is there any research on neurofeedback? on NeurOptimal?

There have been numerous research studies over the years, both for NeurOptimal and linear neurofeedback (also known as EEG biofeedback). You can find a few of them below.

​​Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Study 2006
Study 2007
Study 2012

A comparison between traditional and dynamical neurofeedback.

Study 2014

Informative e-book PDF on NeurOptimal.

Study 2016

How the brain works in relation to NeurOptimal.

Study 2012
Study 2016
What results can I expect? 

Although constantly evolving and improving, the first version of NeurOptimal has been around already for more than 15 years, and its results are well documented by millions of sessions. The 2014 independent survey below contains only some of the benefits that people have experienced when training with NeurOptimal®. This can give you an estimate of the results that are possible for you.
Survey 2014
What are the technical details of NeurOptimal?

​Though based in technology, neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) is a 100% non-invasive, drug-free, brain training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of your brain’s natural resources. NeurOptimal® is extremely powerful and effective. The FDA has approved neurofeedback for relaxation training. You can find additional information about the technology of NeurOptimal® in the resources below, and here .
Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3
Who is it for?

NeurOptimal® is used by peak performing athletes, artists, and business people who want to achieve and maintain their edge. It is also used by individuals who feel they are not functioning at their best, including many adults and children with severe impairments, who want a drug-free approach to feeling and functioning optimally.

How is it possible that one tool can work for widely different brains and purposes? It’s all to do with brain optimization. The various complaints we all suffer can be considered signs the brain is not functioning at its optimal level. Training with NeurOptimal® can change that. And it doesn’t matter if you are looking for changes on a physical, emotional or mental level — you only have one brain and it affects everything in your body. While you may have one reason for using NeurOptimal®, positive changes can show in ALL areas of your life. You CAN have it all!

Many NeurOptimal® users report life changing results. Elite athletes have used NeurOptimal®, reporting improvement in their physical performance and mental stamina. Sufferers of sleeplessness report improved sleep. Mentally clouded individuals, due to injury or life circumstances, tell us how after using NeurOptimal® they’ve rediscovered clarity to an extent they and their loved ones once believed unattainable. Brain training with NeurOptimal® has helped improve the lives of children suffering from communication and social challenges, and general difficulties focusing in school. And many challenges stemming from stress commonly fall away when the brain is trained for optimal function.

Rest assured, whatever your situation, you can most probably significantly upgrade your quality of life by training your brain with cutting-edge dynamical neurofeedback.
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