In this page you can find out more about your experience when training with neurofeedback, and answers to some frequently asked questions.
The first session
The first session lasts approximately one and a half hours. During the first session we do the intake, where we discuss where you currently are and where you would like to go, in terms of goals (for example better focus, better performance at work, more confidence, higher self-esteem etc.) and diminishment of concerns that you would prefer to see (such as unwanted thoughts, lack of motivation, worry, anxiety, depression, etc.). We discuss about the neurofeedback process and what to expect during and after the training.
What happens during the training?
During the training itself, you sit or lay down comfortably, listening to relaxing music. Five sensors are placed on your head, two on top of the head, one on the left ear, and two on the right ear. The sensors detect brain activity, and when turbulence is detected, a small interruption in the music occurs. These interruptions provide to the brain the information it needs to optimize itself, becoming more efficient, flexible and resilient. 
Subsequent sessions
Subsequent sessions can be either Regular or Extended. A Regular session lasts approximately one hour and it includes the neurofeedback training itself, progress assessment so you can more easily notice shifts happening in your life due to the training, and any possible questions regarding the training process. An Extended session lasts approximately one and a half hours, which in addition allows time for questions regarding your personal development, more understanding behind the process, and skills that can assist you along your healing and growth journey, such as topics in psychology and meditation. The choice between Regular and Extended can be made during the first session, where we discuss about which type of session better suits you.
When is the training complete?
Every person’s progress is different, depending on your current state, life circumstances, and how far you would like go in terms of progress. Each of us also has their own speed of learning, so the time to stop is up to you, you will know when no more is required. As an estimate, most people sense that their training is complete in 6-30 sessions.
What is the minimum and maximum recommended amount of sessions?
In some cases, when there are no heavy issues or the brain responds fast, six sessions is all that is needed to complete the training. In other cases six sessions will provide you with enough time for changes to start becoming visible, and thus give you a sense of the potential benefits continuing your training. Thus, in most cases, the minimum recommended amount of sessions is six. With NeurOptimal®, the brain cannot overtrain, so there is no maximum recommended amount of sessions. Every additional session gives the brain a chance to better optimize. Eventually you will reach a very optimal state, where continuing to train makes a small difference, and that can be a sign for the natural completion of your training.
How often are sessions done?
Typically sessions are done once per week. If you seek quicker results then twice per week can be a good choice for you, while once every two weeks can suit you better if change is coming too fast and you would like to take it slower. 
Is it safe?
NeurOptimal® is not only the most advanced, efficient and robust neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) system currently available, it is also the most safe. There are no side-effects, since NeurOptimal® simply provides information to the brain, which the brain decides on its own how to utilize. During and after each session mostly positive effects are noticed by the majority of clients, however in a small percentage of clients during the first few sessions temporary effects may appear, for example a headache the next day or less amount of sleep one night. Similar to a gym workout, these are part of the training process. When starting to train at the gym, your muscles may become sore, and once they get used to the training only the benefits are experienced. 
Are the effects long-lasting?
Like learning how to ride a bicycle, the progress you make through training stays with you. Every session is a “life lesson” that enhances the intrinsic wisdom, flexibility, and resilience of your brain. If you pause training and decide to continue later on, the brain will still remember all that it has learned so far. Occasionally, when a very stressful or traumatic event occurs down the line, it is possible that the brain can benefit from a few sessions (usually one to three) to return to the optimal state it had achieved through the previous sessions.
Does it work for everyone?
As with everything, this may not work for everyone. Over fifteen years of data indicate that the overwhelming majority of people respond to the training. As it is uncommon that someone will not respond, in my practice I haven't had a client who trained for at least six sessions and didn’t see any changes occurring whatsoever, although it is possible.

Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit for training with NeurOptimal®. 
How much does it cost?
The fee for a regular training session is 50 €  (including the intake), and 65 € for an extended session.

Is there a cancellation fee?
In case of cancellation with a 24 hours’ notice before the session, there is no fee. After that, a no-show or cancellation fee is half the fee for the session.​